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Despoina Kotsi

Law – International Affairs – Art – Politics

Despoina is working as a lawyer. She graduated from the National & Kapodistrian University of Athens. Alongside her studies, she was a member of E.L.S.A. (European Law Students’ Association) and S.A.F.I.A. (Student  Association for International  Affairs). She has also worked as a researcher entitled by the Council of Europe on criminal legislation against the sexual abuse of minors.

Today, she is a researcher of the Institute of International Relations in the field of internal policy of the U.S.A. . She is versed in Participatory Democracy having worked  as a scientific researcher  over the  programme ″What can E.U. adopt from the very succesful  model  of  direct  Democracy  in  Switzerland?″, held  by  I.R.T.E.A.  (Institute of Research & Training  on European Affairs) and has signed two chapters under the headings :

  1. “The Institutional Framework to Manage Depression and the response of demos to the state interventionism”
  2. “Swiss Confederation and the E.U. – From Syracuse in Switzerland: the unfulfilled path of a Republican”

She participated in EURO.PA.S. (European Parliament Simulation) and she won the “Best Member of the European Parliament” award in 2013. She has also been awarded by the Greek  Ministry  of  Education & Religion  Affairs for the  Understanding  of  “Ancient  Greek  Civilization & Ancient  Greek  Language”. She has been an eight times nationwide distinguished poet and is currently working on poetry collection under the name “Dixfeuille of Democracy”.