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Vasileios (Bill) Balafas
Political strategist and developer

Information Technology – International Relations and Policies

Born in 1978, Vasileios holds a Bachelor’s degree in Teleinformatics and Management from the Technological Institute of Epirus, an MSc in Data Communications from the University of Kingston & the TEI of Piraeus and an MA in International Relations and Policies (Governance) from the Department of Political Science and International Relations of the University of the Peloponnese.

He speaks and writes fluently Greek, English and French.

After 6 years of work in the Private Sector (OTE S.A, Cooperative Bank of Peloponnese in Korinthos and others), he continued his career in the Public Sector beginning in 2006 at the Hellenic Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs and the Athens-Piraeus Electric Railway Employees Pension Fund (21/16K/2004 personnel recruitment). From 2009, he works at the IT Department of the Prefecture of Corinthia (Peloponnese Region Administration). He is also a Level II certified adults Tutor of EKEPIS in ICT.

He has been the author of a variety of articles in the political, social, economic fields published in the local media of Korinthia and on websites of nationwide and local interest. Many of these articles are available on his website (balafas.gr) and his personal blog (vbalafas.blogspot.gr). Series of articles were published in magazines and newspapers in Korinthia using aliases.

His main interest is focused on European Union’s politics and policies, International Politics of the Energy Sector, e-Governance in Regional Authorities and how Political Economy affects International Relations.