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Leontida is a nonprofit, non-governmental Foundation based in Athens, Greece. It is mainly interested in matters of Greek culture, history and Democratic heritage and is leading the efforts to revitalize the Ancient Agora of Athens.


Leontida was one of the ten tribes of Ancient Athens, during the time that Democracy was born. It was named after Leos a mythical figure, selected by the oracle of Apollo at Delphi to give his name (eponymous hero) to the Leontida tribe. In addition, the Leonids are some of the most spectacular meteor showers that appear in the night sky every year during the month of November. The grandiose origin of the word and the great scope of the Agora project, has led us to adopt the equally grandiose and regal logo of the golden lion.

“Had Greek civilization never existed … we would never have become fully conscious.” – W.H. Auden.

Our Foundation is empowered by citizens’ participation and the force behind our efforts is a global grassroots movement. In this regard our Foundation has no connection or endorsement by the Greek government, or any political party